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st. john's church

when the backyard mosaic women’s project was invited here in 2010,our first request was to repair the broken planter. we began to meet with the people to discover how they felt about this place and develop their feelings in images.

the elements of earth, fire, water & air began to surface.
we replaced the broken tiles with a mosaic vine.
it grew out of a seed in the center of the multicolored
hands of earth, also seen in the prayer bowl
& the welcome signs over the front doors.
the fire reflects the story of Pentecost.
water is a symbol of lutheran baptism.
the wind is referred to in the christian scriptures
as the breath of god.
the vine becomes an image of growth & journey.
all are welcome, day & night!
with the donation of 3 weaving looms, a weaving was hung.
the children of the sunday learning place
designed the flowers. beauty.

since 2010, our project’s home has been st. john’s lutheran church, a few blocks off the square on east wash. bonnie block, an inveterate activist was the connection person for the parish invitation to us. st. john's generously provides us space as well as a variety of other community programs: outreach assistance, 12-step programs, the lutheran refugee project, the off the square club.

our garden, with plants from the horticulture program at oakhill correctional, continues to attract attention. we partner with the learning place children (st. john's sunday school) to create this beautiful garden, in which, we have a mix of edibles and decoratives, annuals and perennials. in the narthex, the entry way to the church, we installed welcoming images inspired by the entire st. john's community.

the two weaving looms we were given in 2014 were the inspiration for developing a weaving studio dedicated to the individual spiritual care of young women who are victims of human trafficking. we added a third loom from the peace weaving project, which sends beautiful collaborative weavings to places around the world in need of peace & healing. we welcome yarns that are sustainably produced such as wool, cotton, silk and rayon.

our project is about growing community, not creating great art…the blessing…great art growing out of loving community.