felicia jones, peer support

i worked for the united states postal service in chicago and madison from 1993-2001. following that, over a ten-year period, i had extensive customer service experience in a variety of work settings. during my associate degree education i served in student leadership and for the vice president of madison college. recently, i worked as a business processor for tasc in all areas of expertise.

i bring the real life experience of thirteen years overcoming addiction and maintaining sobriety. i have dealt with my emotional and physical trauma on a spiritual and professional level through therapy and the spiritual community of st. matthew’s new life. i have surrounded myself with sound people, professionally and personally. i have served the supportive communities of aa, celebrate recovery and arc house recovery group.

after incarceration, i successfully completed probation. when governor evers was in office one week, i wrote asking if he will be reinstating pardons that had been rescinded by the previous governor. he immediately wrote back and included all the paper work needed to complete my pardon.

i bring tenacity and perseverance to the care of others. through the love of cooking i show compassion, sympathy and empathy for the needs of those who are hurting and suffering as i was once in that place. during my mother’s final journey, i spent five months walking her home. i also needed to deal with my son being in prison while maintaining my home and family life.

as a participant in the project since 2006, i have received a sense of belonging, motivation and the discovery of untapped writing and artistic abilities. i now believe that all things are connected, have meaning and purpose. i bring my life experience of hope, healing and seeking out what is needed to maintain sobriety and lead a life of quality. this can be an example for women as they return to their families and communities from incarceration.