our mission

growing in community

our vision backyard mosaic women’s project is a time for women to come together to explore their spirituality and creativity in an atmosphere of sobriety. it is a safe place for women to discover and develop their artistic skills as they return to their families and community from incarceration. it is also an opportunity to create community based public art. our expectations we agree:
  • to participate in community projects together, such as the garden, commissions, installations and a monthly meal
  • to create our own projects or projects we intend to donate for fundraising, such as mosaics, beadwork and weavings
  • to cleanup and to keep our space beautiful by picking up litter, weeding the garden, putting away tools and supplies and leaving our shared spaces better than we found them
we covenant
  • to provide a safe place for women to explore our spirituality and creativity in an atmosphere of sobriety, develop our artistic skills and collaborate to create community based public art in a sustainable way.
  • to welcome women regardless of age, economics, education, sexual orientation, gender identification, race, ethnic origin, citizen status, physical abilities, mental health challenges, recovery journey, spirituality, political beliefs or veteran status.
  • to hold a sacred intention for those who are affected by the issues of human trafficking.
  • to honor this sky, land and water as its own being, which sustains the original people of the ho-chunk nation, this historic african american neighborhood, the german immigrants who established this ministry and the women of this project who share the values of living with the earth for future generations.